Monday, 5 August 2013

A review of the Bodytrim snack range

The thing that I love most about Bodytrim is that they recommend that you eat real food. It is not a meal replacement or shake diet but a healthy eating plan. However, they acknowledge that there are times when you need easy to grab snacks or foods that you can keep in your car or handbag for snacking emergencies, so have developed a range of snacks for such purposes. When I spoke to the nutritionist, the other day (discussed in this post), she said that it is ok to have one of these snacks but the rest of the day should be real food. I mostly stick to this, but find that when I am having a shitty week, they are great to have on hand so that I don't fall off the wagon. These snacks aren't cheap (though I am noticing that Bodytrim regularly do sales and specials) but I found them quite essential in the early days when I was just learning what foods and snacks were acceptable.

Here are my thoughts on the snack range:

Ultra Low Carb Protein Cookies 12 Pack ($47.40 or $3.96/serve)
These come in four flavours - double choc, caramel, choc chip and white choc chip) and are delicious. My favourite was caramel. They are really moist - they are not the texture of a biscuit (ie not hard or not chewy) but more like dense cake. At 50g each, they are very filling but I was a little concerned with the fat content - 9.8g/50g cookie (so 20% fat). If you are really missing your carbs, especially in the early days, these hit the spot as a good substitute as they are closest in taste and texture to a typical carby snack that you might previously have enjoyed (they have 5g carbs/serve). I received one of each flavour to try but have not purchased any more.

Ultra Low Carb Protein Bar 12 Pack ($54 or $4.50/serve)
These bars come in three flavours - mint, choc fudge and caramel. These taste nice enough but their texture is a little unusual - kind of dense and gritty and a bit dry - not at all unpleasant, just unusual (well, unusual to those uninitiated with protein bars). I guess they are like eating a dense museli bar. My favourite is the mint. They have half the fat of the Ultra Low Carb Protein Cookies (4.9g/50g serve) and a lot less carbs (1.4g/50g serve). I find these quite convenient to stash in my handbag to have on hand when I can't find anything suitable to eat (usually when I am out and about). I received one of each flavour to try and have since purchased a box of the mint flavour.

Low Carb Protein Bites 12 Pack ($47.40 or $3.96/serve)
Of all the Bodytrim snacks, these are my favourite. They now come in three flavours - choc nut, mocha and choc mint has just been released. They contain 6.7g fat and 1.4g carbs. I like them because they come in a pack of 5 - if I am starving I will have the full five; however, if I am just feeling a little bit peckish or feel like I need a sweet treat after dinner, one or two are enough to hit the spot. I like all of the flavours, though mint would probably be my favourite. The texture is a little bit similar to the protein bars - ie they are quite firm but the centre is nice and soft. This is the snack I turn to most often and will usual have a packet most days (and on bad days when there is nothing left to eat in the house I might end up having two packs). I was sent a packet each of the choc nut and mocha, then purchased two boxes of the choc nut when they were on sale. My MIL bought me a couple of boxes of the choc mint when they were launched (they had a buy one get one free special - she is also doing Bodytrim).

Low Carb Protein Shake ($64.90/kg)
These come in four flavours - swiss chocolate, strawberry delight, vanilla sundae and cafe latte. A lot of low carb recipes require the addition of protein powder so I purchased them mostly for that. I thought that I might also use them for a quick and easy breakfast but I really hate the taste of them as a drink. I have to block my nose and slam them down as fast as I can! It is not that the Bodytrim shakes taste worse than other shakes on the market - if anything they are a little better than the other one I tried (VitalStrength TotalPlus protein powder in vanilla) I just really don't like the taste of them. I tried sprinkling some powder over my museli one morning and it was disgusting - I had to tip it out. I did use a full scoop though so maybe I should try with less next time. When used in recipes, though, you can't detect the flavour, so they are quite handy for that. It is good have Bodytrim protein powder that you can buy because the first time you go into a supplement store to buy some protein powder is so overwhelming. There are all these bottles with slogans like 'massive gain' or 'bulk up' and I was reading them freaking out a little bit because 'massive gain' was definitely not my aim when I commenced Bodytrim.

You can also buy the shakes in ready to drink bottles ($59.40 for 12 x 275ml bottles - $4.95/serve). I was sent one to try and much preferred it to the shakes when I made them myself - they were sweeter - but don't think that I would purchase them as, nearly $5 seems like too much to pay for a drink!

Though the Bodytrim snacks are quite expensive, I have found them very useful to have on hand as I am learning what I can and can't eat. I find that it isn't always easy to be organised and cook suitable snacks ahead of time, especially if the kids end up getting sick or we have a frantic week, so it is good to know that there is something suitable in the cupboard that I can grab without having to think about it.

What is your go to snack when you are trying to lose weight?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. Some products were provided for consideration, most were purchased with my own money.