Wednesday, 24 July 2013

How to do fluoro chequered nail art

Friday night had become my nail night. I can't bring myself to go to bed early on a Friday night, no matter how tired I am so it is a good opportunity to get my nails done, after the kids have gone to bed.

I was randomly surfing Bloglovin the other day and came across a beauty blog that had done cello (sticky tape) nail art. The final result looked fantastic so I was dying to give it a try. Unfortunately I didn't save the blog so have no idea which one it was. They actually did a kind of cross/union jack pattern. I was initially going to attempt that but then at the last minute changed my mind to chequered. I am really happy with the final result. 

I used sticky tape to get the neat lines on my left hand but it took me about 2 hours to do the left hand (I was watching Skyfall at the time so had to stop and watch the movie, plus the kids were sick and kept waking so I would have to go in and settle them). I couldn't be bothered doing the same again to my right hand so just free handed it with the same pattern. I actually quite like the free hand look, the only problem was that I couldn't get the stripes to be narrow enough. Maybe if I got a really fine brush, rather than the brush that came with the polish, the result would be more effective.

Here are a few picks of the look then I will go through how I did it.

Left hand where the tape method was used

Right hand - free hand

Step by step guide

What you need:
sticky tape ( the stuff that peels off easily is preferable otherwise you can lift the polish off)
white base colour - I used OPI Alpine Snow from the Top 10 Gift Pack
Top coat - I'm all out so just used my Revitanail Nail Strengthener
Four contrasting colours - I used BYS Smurfs Up  (blue), BYS Pink Frosting (pink), Orly Purple Crush (purple) and Ultra3 Frangipani (yellow).

I applied 3 coats of Alpine Snow to ensure that it was completely opaque. Once dry, I applied the sticky tape where I wanted my first line to go. I then painted on that line, not worrying if it went all over the sticky tape. I then applied the tape to the next nail, painted it, then returned to the first nail, which was now dry, to peel the sticky tape off.

Once all of the first colour stripes are done repeat the process with the second colour, again doing one finger then the next then coming aback to the first to peel the sticky tape off.

The first two colours are complete. I left them for a good 10-15 minutes to dry before starting on the next two colours.

Apply the sticky tape in a horizontal direction for the next stripe.

Once you have finished the third colour, go back and do the fourth colour. I actually found it easier to just apply one piece of tape and carefully draw the line. I tried with the two pieces but found the lower piece of tape ripped off the third colour.

Once all four colours are on, and are dry, finish up with a coat or two of topcoat. I went with two coats as I love the nice thick lookVoilà finished!

Do you like doing nail art? What designs do you tend to go for?