Tuesday, 18 June 2013

LaseMedics 3D Skin Analysis

Today I have for you a sponsored post from Vivian Yasmine. Vivian Yasmine is the founder of LaseMedics.com.au, an online store focused on providing quality skincare products at great value. Vivian introduced me to the LaseMedics 3D Skin Analysis which is a cool little interactive tool that allows you to map out your problem areas on your skin and then you get recommendations for the most suitable products to treat these concerns. Vivian is going to chat a bit about LaseMedics and the 3D Skin Analysis tool.


LaseMedics mission statement is one which is unique to the current online skincare provider. LaseMedics employee fully qualified beauty and skin therapists with an abundance of experience in the beauty industry. With them they bring a wealth of knowledge aimed at helping our customers to understand their skin type and skin concern before individually tailoring a treatment plan for true results. Here is how they do this.

LaseMedics 3D Skin Analysis

 LaseMedics provide a unique live chat service where users can talk directly to a qualified therapist regarding any questions they may have, though the true gem is their online app known as the 3d Skin Analysis (http://lasemedics.com.au/3dface/). Vivian has worked closely with engineers and programmers to deliver a virtual tool allowing clients to select their skin type/concern, they are then able to instantly mark which areas of their face are affected by this concern. As the client marks the spot our app automatically decodes the skin type/concern selected and which area of the face has been marked, it then provides a list of recommended products accordingly. 

Step 1: choose your gender (this tool works for both male and females)

Step 2: From the list on the top left choose your skincare concern then, on the face
on the right, circle the areas in which you suffer from these concerns  

Step 3: you can even turn the face around to more accurately indicate the
areas of concern. A list of recommended products will then appear

Though it doesn't end there. The customer then has the option to complete an in-depth online skin consultation form which is then emailed directly to LaseMedics qualified employees along with their marked 3D face. LaseMedics therapists then puts together an in-depth report outlining specifics relating to the client's skin type/concern, an additional breakdown of recommended skincare products following a proven 6 step system. The therapists also recommends in clinic treatments which may benefit the client as well as any additional tips. Basically the 3D skin analysis is the closest thing to a true in clinic/salon experience at a time and place that's most convenient for our customers.

 Feel welcome to try the 3D skin analysis, if you have feedback and feature request for version2 please email them to vivian@lasemedics.com.au.