Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Kam Dhillon pink glasses from Clearly Contacts

This is another one of my way overdue posts that has been sitting half written for over 6 months. Not sure whether you remember but late last year my little family got annihilated by gastro. Although it is only a short lived illness, having all four of us get it really knocked me about and brought my blogging to a halt. Then Christmas came, then suddenly it was May and I went overseas and now it is June and I am like like 'Oh crap, I still haven't posted pics of my cool pink glasses'! (in case you don't remember, here is my original post describing how I will be reviewing the pink glasses from Clearly Contacts)

Well here the pics (they were taken last year, hence some of the Christmasness!):

(I love this pic of The Crazy Kid wearing Kiki's Christmas
Pudding costume hat!)

I have quite bad eye sight - I'm around -6.0, which means that I either end up with quite thick lenses or have to spend big bucks to get high index ultra thin glass. Because I have such a strong prescription, it means that I never qualify for the 2 pairs of glasses for $199 deal that gets offered at places like SpecSavers. Last time I needed new glasses I went to SpecSavers, specifically to get that deal. I wanted a pair of specs and a pair of prescription sunnies. I chose frames that were included in the 2 pairs for $199 but once my high index lenses were added it suddenly became two pairs for $500. I did get a good chunk back from health insurance but it was frustrating none the less.

Although I was sent the glasses from Clearly Contacts to review, I asked for the price break down so I could see how it compared with other optical stores:
Frames - $105.00
Ultra thin air lenses - $79.95*
Shipping - free
*if you don't have strong prescription like me you could get the standard lenses for $9.95; however, if you do have a strong prescription I highly recommend you go for the extra expense of the thin lenses otherwise you will end up with very thick, heavy glasses
So, the glasses would have cost me $184.95 which is about $70 cheaper than what I spent at SpecSavers.

The glasses are as good as the ones I bought in store. The prescription is perfect and I honestly couldn't be happier. I was going out on a limb a bit, trying pink glasses as a rarely move away from dark (with my dark hair and eyebrows I always thought pale frames washed me out too much) but I actually think that they suit me.

I don't think that you can claim back your Clearly Contacts purchase from your private health insurance fund (though I could be wrong - please let me know if you have successfully tried). But this makes them an affordable alternative to turn to once you have blown your yearly health insurance allowance or if you don't have any insurance. It is a great place to buy your back up specs.

Clearly Contacts often have deals as well where they greatly reduce the cost of glasses or offer your first pair for free (though this is with standard lenses - if you need ultra thin you will have to pay an upgrade fee). Like their Facebook page to be kept in the loop of these deals.

To order glasses online, all you have to know is your prescription for each eye and your pupillary distance and then you are set to go (if you have an astigmatism then there are a couple of other details to fill out). Clearly Contacts have an amazing returns policy as well - if you don;t like your glasses or they aren't quite right then you have 366 days to return them. It really is a risk free way to get your specs.

Have you bought specs online before? How was your experience?

All opinions are my own and I received no remuneration for this post. These glasses were provided to me for consideration.